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28th International Student Scientific Conference in Gdansk

5452 Weronika Woicka

Dear Colleagues,

We are extremely delighted to invite you to participate in the 28th edition of The International Student Scientific Conference, which will take place at the Medical University of Gdansk, Poland from 13th-15th of April.

The conference aims to give students an opportunity to share their perspectives on scientific topics with global impact with like-minded peers, feel supported, motivated and acknowledged for their efforts. Participants are exposed to different research fields and scientific methodologies, which helps broaden and enrich their scientific outlook.

Most importantly, the conference is a great platform for young researchers to present their work to jury members, who are excelling practitioners in their fields.

We warmly invite you to participate actively and submit your abstracts. The deadline for submission passes tomorrow - 20th February! Don't hesitate and submit your abstract!

  • Original Research sessions - presentations of new discoveries and research across fields of medicine and science.
  • Case Report and Case Studies sessions - analysis of rare cases, important factual findings and case studies that can impact the future of healthcare.
  • Poster sessions - research presented in the form of texts, charts and graphs which will be displayed for all interested individuals to view and discuss.
  • Scientific workshops - interactive sessions designed to learn medical skills vital to clinical practice.
  • Keynote lectures - expert lecturers share their take on topics of interest based on their extensive medical and research experience.
  • Sessions at ISSC will consist of discussions in a variety of fields such as Neuroscience, Surgery, Pediatrics, Dermatology, Psychiatry, Bioinformatics, Biomedical Engineering, Clinical Genetics, Immunology, Toxicology and many more.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us through our socials.

Useful links:
Conference website:

Kind regards,
The 28th ISSC Organising Committee 

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